External Funding

External Funding Support

Harmony Biosciences is committed to providing external funding support for the following requests:

Charitable Contributions

We provide charitable contributions to non-profit organizations when the request for support relates to: our corporate social responsibility strategy; supporting community activities/programs; or improving patient care in one of Harmony’s therapeutic areas of interest. Support is provided in response to an unsolicited written request made by a non-profit organization where Harmony does not receive a tangible benefit in return from the requesting organization.

Corporate Memberships

We provide corporate membership support to for-profit or non-profit healthcare/patient organizations for the purpose of furthering the mission of the organization and not for the purpose of promoting Harmony products. Personal services may include Harmony employees attending organizational meetings/events or participation on organizational committees, boards, or other formal meetings for the purpose of assisting the organization in achieving its mission and goals.

Corporate Sponsorships

We provide corporate sponsorships to support business, healthcare, and patient organizations’ events/activities/programs for which Harmony may be offered a tangible benefit from the organization receiving the funding.

Non-Medical Education Grants

We provide funding to medical, scientific, or patient organizations to support advocacy and education/patient care activities, and such funding does not support HCP medical education (CME or non-CME). Non-medical education grants are provided for specific educational programs/initiatives that further the mission of a healthcare or patient organization that advocates for and/or addresses the needs of patients with rare diseases and their caregivers.

The funding requests above are reviewed by the Harmony External Funding Review Committee. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions within 45 days. Harmony Biosciences receives many worthwhile requests. Unfortunately, we are unable to fund them all. It is important to note that past support does not guarantee future approval. In addition, submissions can be approved at any amount or quantity that is less than the requested amount.

All funds are paid directly to the requesting organization, and never to an individual.


Should you have any questions about portal navigation or specific questions about support applications, please refer to the following email addresses: