PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA, April 27, 2020 — Harmony Biosciences, LLC (“Harmony”), a private pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing new treatment options for people living with rare diseases, today announced the company will expand narcolepsy community support efforts and reinforced its commitment to provide affordable access to treatment for people who have experienced a change in insurance or financial instability during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Harmony’s Patients at the Heart grant program underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to support the comprehensive needs of people affected by narcolepsy. The second annual Patients at the Heart grant program is being launched with increased funding to further support patient-centric organizations working to address the challenges of people living with narcolepsy during this time. The company’s patient support program will continue to provide medication free of charge for eligible patients who have lost health insurance or are underinsured, while providing “contactless” shipping for home delivery.

“At Harmony, patients are at the heart of everything we do, and we understand the financial and emotional difficulties faced by many people living with narcolepsy during this global pandemic,” said Cate McCanless, Harmony’s Vice President, External Affairs. “By moving up the launch of our second annual Patients at the Heart grant program we are offering additional funding to help improve the overall connectivity of people with narcolepsy and their support networks that are facing additional challenges in addressing the needs of the community during this unprecedented time.”

Harmony is accepting grant applications beginning Monday, April 27, 2020 with no deadline for submission. Grants will be awarded to applicants on a rolling basis. For more information, please visit and submit grants to

Whether patients’ challenges are COVID-19 related or not, Harmony remains committed to keeping patients at the heart of all we do and will continue to work with people living with narcolepsy to address their needs.

About Narcolepsy
Narcolepsy is a rare, chronic, debilitating neurologic disorder of sleep-wake state instability that impacts up to 200,000 Americans and is primarily characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) and cataplexy – its two cardinal symptoms – along with other manifestations of REM sleep dysregulation, which intrude into wakefulness. EDS is the inability to stay awake and alert during the day and is the symptom that is present in all people living with narcolepsy. In most patients, narcolepsy is caused by the loss of hypocretin, a neuropeptide in the brain that supports sleep-wake state stability. This disorder affects men and women equally, with typical symptom onset in adolescence or young adulthood; however, it can take up to a decade to be properly diagnosed.

About Harmony Biosciences, LLC
Harmony Biosciences, LLC is a private pharmaceutical company headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, PA. The company was established in October 2017 with a vision to provide novel treatment options for people living with rare and orphan diseases, with an emphasis on central nervous system disorders, starting with patients living with narcolepsy. Harmony is committed to advancing the understanding of narcolepsy and providing information and resources to individuals who live with, and healthcare professionals who treat patients with, this disorder. For more information on Harmony Biosciences, visit

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